1What is this site?
The inception of this site came about with a t-shirt design that was placed up on teepublic. People asked me about the story behind the design. I decided to write a story that is historical fiction, meaning it fits in a time period, and the world around the characters is real, the discoveries, the ships, the types of things the crew would do are all real. The Sea Monster though is not.
2Aren't you just trying to sell T-shirts?
Thousand Fathoms is a brand centered around an amazing story. There are t-shirts that reflect pieces of that story, but the site is more than just a t-shirt, its a creative work of art.
3What is an example of real historical context?
The HMS Challenger for instance embarked on an expedition from 1872-76 to measure the oceans depth and they discovered the Mariana Trench. It was a time of great discovery and industrial advance of new technologies.
4Who Drew the Comic Art?
Two artists, Carlo Garde, and Ramon Perez. Anything else would be done by myself (the captain).
5Could a Sea Monster actually have existed?
Sure, we've found and discovered lots of strange creatures at great depths in the ocean, like giant squid, octopus etc. But there is no fossil evidence at this time that has been discovered that shows a giant sea monster like the Kraken ever existed during the age of man.
6Why do many of the characters smoke a pipe or chew tobacco?
This is accurate of the time period, tobacco was used in trade and currency, to pass the sea voyage in more confort.
7Why are the dates on the journal set in 1878?
To more accurately portray the timeline of the story and the history of the time period we chose to set the dates waaaay back in the past.