September 29, 1878

Treating Sickness and Disease at Sea

While the people of the time had not really discovered vitamins they did understand that certain oils and fruits did help on long sea voyages for […]
September 13, 1878

Diving Helmets

Mark V adopted as standard, interrupted screw type; narrow breastplate; improved regulating escape valve, hinged faceplate, oval top window round side windows; improved telephone connections, safety valve, air inlet connection; supplementary relief valve.
September 12, 1878

Measuring the Depths

Knowing the depth of the water was extremely important for captains of all ships. If the water was too shallow, the boat would run aground and […]
September 7, 1878

Real-World Exploration 1872-1876

The Challenger expedition was inspired, in part, by that age-old motivation: to prove somebody wrong.
September 7, 1878

The Crew’s Allotment

As standard practice, we always ensure our ship's stores have plenty of navy rope tobacco. It's tobacco leaves that have been tightly wrapped and twisted into a rope, then dipped in rum.